New Zentangle® Pattern (maybe)

Recently, along with my monthly “Laurie’s Something New with Something Old” for Altenew, I’ve been drawing using the Zentangle® Method. If you’re not familiar with this method of drawing, in a nutshell is a meditative art form that uses repetitive strokes to achieve an intricate pattern. For much more information on it visit I am a certified Zentangle® teacher (CZT) and have been practicing since 2011. As I was drawing the other day I think I came up with a new pattern, which I’m calling Side-Winder. I say, “I think I came up with a new pattern” because there are hundreds of patterns that people have deconstructed and mine may have already been done. If you are aware that my pattern was already deconstructed and named by someone else, please reach out to me and let me know, so I can give the original artist credit.

I realize I may be using terms use by Zentangle® that you aren’t familiar with, but it is not in the scope of this particular blog post to go into to it. However, if you look under Archives and choose Zentangle® you’ll see other posts I’ve made about it.

For today, I want to show you the step-outs of Side-Winder and some examples. You can also go to my YouTube channel and watch a video of the step-outs.

Here is the basic tangle Side-Winder.

Here are the step-outs.

And here are some examples I’ve done.

If you used this tangle and post it to social media, please link to me so I can see and admire your work.

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