Only one more class to go

I’ve got one more class I need to do for the first part of AECP. As soon as I am able to get both my COVID vaccine shots I’ll be off to Michigan for a month. My mom and sisters live out there and I’ll be spending some time with them. I want to have part one and two of AECP done before I leave. My sisters and mom all have their first shot. However, here in Massachusetts, I don’t qualify for the shot yet. I am in phase 2 here, and we just entered phase 2 today. But I’m in 2b, and I don’t have a date for when 2b can schedule their vaccine shots. So any way I’m moving along with my Altenew classes.

I’m happily surprised that I’m learning so much. They spark the imagination and force you to look at so many different ways to use your supplies. Today I’m posting a card for the Celebration Stencils class. One thing they suggested is to use cover dies to make stencils, but I only have one cover die. So I was thinking about all the other dies I had and how I could use them to make a stencil. I tend to be very literal and have a hard time “thinking out of the box” but this really got my creative juices going. I decided to take the dies from the Wildflower Garden set and make a little stencil scene. I inked through the stencil with bright greens and pinks. I believe I used the Spring Bouquet ink cube set. Once I did that I decided to make some scribble details on the flowers and leaves. I inked a double line border around the card and finished off with some pink Nuvo Jewel Drops. After it was all done I wish I had put the Nuvo drops right on the flowers. I think they would have looked like dew drops. It’s a simple card but bright and cheery.

I also created a card using the stencil I created. My husband says it looks ghostly and I should put something in where the flowers and leaves are. I might still do that.

Ok, on to my last class.

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  1. Erum Tasneem

    February 4, 2021 at 8:28 pm

    Beautifully styled cards!! Lovely colours too.
    Thank you for submitting your lovely work to the AECP assignment gallery

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