For The Guys

This was probably my most difficult class, because I think all cards have to have flowers! Ha ha. Also probably one of the classes I needed the most because I have a hard time making masculine cards. Because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner I thought I’d make a card for my husband. One thing they mentioned in class was having an interactive or movable element on the card. I liked this idea. I used what I’ve learned in other classes on this card too. I wanted a more geometric design for the background so I used the Moroccan Mosaic cover die and created a stencil. Then I used the stencil and ink blended Winter Lake and Marshland ink on to white cardstock. My “movable” element was going to be a heart so I looked through my inks and chose Grapevine as a good red to go with the background colors. After I die cut 3 hearts and glued them together I used the Grapevine ink to color the heart. I die cut love and and glued it on the heart and stamped the you under it. I created a spring out of some craft wire and used hot glue to adhere it to the heart. Then I hot glued the heart on the front of the card. Because it’s on a spring it wobbles and is so cute.

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