Art Show May 5

I’m so excited. I have an opportunity to show my cards at a local art show this weekend, May 5. I’ve never done anything like this before.  About a month ago I went to a local shop that sells handmade items to see if I could sell my cards there.  She took 15 of my cards and told me about a craft fair that was coming up in about a month. It’s so happened that I had asked for that weekend off, which working retail doesn’t always happen. It seemed serendipitous to me that the art fair was on a weekend that I knew I had off so I decided to try it out. It meant that I needed to start making cards quickly. I had given all of the ones that I had already made to the shop owner so I had none to sell. My goal was to try to have 100 cards made in a month, all while working a full-time job too.  I’m pleased to say that I made my goal and then some. The art show is tomorrow and I have 122 cards made.  You can see some of my cards that I’ll be selling on my card page here on my website. If you’re interested in ordering any they are  $6.00 a card  plus shipping. If you buy two it’s $10 so you get a two dollar discount.  You can email me at

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