Birthday card for my sister

My sisters birthday is on Sunday and as usual I don’t have the birthday card ready to put in the mail. So her birthday card will be late. That’s very typical of me and my family knows that. So I just finished a card for her on my already crowded desk in which I had been doing some water coloring and I tipped over the jar of water all over the card. Not happy. 

You can see where the water streaked across the page and if you look on the edge you can see where the paper has warped.  I’ll send the card anyway but I’ve created another one to send along with it.

For this card I used inexpensive watercolor paper and cut it into card size pieces. Then I went out in my garden and collected a bunch of flowers and put them between the watercolor paper, sandwiched them between two ceramic tiles, then tied them together and simmered them in boiling water for two hours. This particular piece left the flower imbedded in the paper and I really like the way it turned out. Not all the paper turned out quite as lovely. But it’s a project I will definitely attempt again. Here’s a link to one of the YouTube videos I watched to make this.

Hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day weekend.

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