I Am the Diva Challenge #321

This weeks challenge is to use your nondominant hand, and tangles that are created by using auras.  On her website she says people either really love this or hate this. I understand because I’m both. I love it because it’s so good for your brain to use your nondominant hand on occasion. And I hate it because it is so very hard for me.  If you look closely my lines aren’t smooth, they are jagged-y.  While I was doing the diva dance I wanted so badly to switch hands to fill in the dark patches. But I did not. I can’t even color inside the lines with my left hand. I found it frustrating while I was doing it but so rewarding once I finished.  I started making my auras further and further apart so I could get done quicker.  It’s amazing to me how little control I have, when drawing, over my left hand.

Happy Tangling


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