I Am The Diva weekly challenge #311

It’s beautiful today here in Massachusetts. The temperature is expected to get in the 80s which is unusually warm for this time of year. I had the opportunity to go for a quick one and a half mile walk with a friend this morning and then enjoy a cup of coffee and some banana bread with her  on my deck. After she left I made myself a cup of oatmeal and begin drawing. Today’s challenge from ” I am the diva” is to use a square and a circle as part of your string. I decided that I would nest two squares in the middle and then a circle in the very center.

I drew on a tan tile intending to switch up my ink from black to sepia and brown. However I got so involved in drawing that I didn’t realize I hadn’t switched colors until after I was finished.  Can you find my two nested squares along with the circle?

 I added some shading so I bet you can now.

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