Designing and redesigning my website

I’ve had my website for years. I haven’t updated it in probably five or six years. Recently I’ve switched my hosting service to something much more affordable for me. And in doing so I’ve decided to completely redesign my website.  I’m using WordPress as the design tool. (I used to use a program called iWeb on my Mac which isn’t available anymore.) And I’m finding that it isn’t nearly as easy as I thought it was going to be. I keep looking at different themes that are available through WordPress and for those of you that have visited my site recently it my look like a completely different site with different colors and layout. The content will be the same but, I can’t seem to decide on what I want my website to look like. If you’ve noticed changes and like them please let me know. If you’ve noticed changes and you don’t like them please let me know that too.  Please bear with me as I make these changes, thanks.

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