I Am The Diva Challenge #326

Yesterday’s Diva Challenge was to use ‘nzeppel. ‘Nzeppel is a great tangle when you have a space where things just “don’t quite fit in.” First you draw a grid, but the grid doesn’t even have to be straight. Next, you’ll draw an X in each grid square which results in 4 triangle in each grid square. Then finally, imagine that you have a water balloon and you want to stuff the water balloon in each triangle. So you’ll draw a squished up circle in each triangle. The result is ‘Nzeppel. Here’s my take on ‘Nzeppel.

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I Am The Diva Challenge #324

There was a guest poster on the I am the diva blog post this week and she suggested that we use a heart as our string. Well I  used a heart for my tangle last week but I love hearts so absolutely I’m gonna do this challenge too. I thought I’d tangle on some watercolor paper this week and I used pinks and an aqua color to color my tile.  Happiness in your heart and tangle on.

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I Am The Diva Challenge #323

This weeks challenge is to do a tangle representing your home. Your home could be your state, or city, the universe, or whatever you think your home would be. I decided that I would highlight a heart in my tile because home is where the heart is.  Around the heart I tangled Angel Fish. I wanted something that looked very organic.

I hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July, if you from the United States. And everyone else a lovely week. 

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I Am The Diva Challenge #322

This week’s diva challenge is to draw Aquafleur.  I love this tangle to look at, but it’s hard for me to draw. So just as the Diva said, it’s one that really needs a lot of practice, at least for me. So what better way to practice then to put two of them on a tile. I added a little Icanthis,  which is one of the new tangles from Zentangle headquarters. Probably should’ve added a little more to the tile but I’ve got to get ready to go to work and I wanted to get this posted. Happy tangling to everyone.

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I Am the Diva Challenge #321

This weeks challenge is to use your nondominant hand, and tangles that are created by using auras.  On her website she says people either really love this or hate this. I understand because I’m both. I love it because it’s so good for your brain to use your nondominant hand on occasion. And I hate it because it is so very hard for me.  If you look closely my lines aren’t smooth, they are jagged-y.  While I was doing the diva dance I wanted so badly to switch hands to fill in the dark patches. But I did not. I can’t even color inside the lines with my left hand. I found it frustrating while I was doing it but so rewarding once I finished.  I started making my auras further and further apart so I could get done quicker.  It’s amazing to me how little control I have, when drawing, over my left hand.

Happy Tangling


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I am the Diva challenge #320

Boy was I surprised and happy when I saw that Linda Farmer from tanglepatterns.com highlighted a tangle that I created in her newsletter. Welcome to all the new visitors to my website.

The first Monday of every month is a “Use My Tangle Challenge,” where the Diva’s challenge of the week is to use a tangle created by someone who has submitted their tangle to I Am the Diva. So this month it is Dansk by Margaret Bremner. It’s a pretty easy tangle but with lots of possibilities.

Here’s my Tile.

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I am th Diva Challenge #319

The Diva was late in her challenge this week and because she’s always so prompt I began to get worried there was a problem. I’m happy to report that she is just busy and tired.  So  relieved there is an anything wrong.  One thing that’s kept her busy is Beads of Courage and here’s a quote from her website telling what that’s all about.

Beads of Courage is an arts in medicine program that helps kids with chronic or life threatening illness tell the story of their medical journey. Each bead represents something different. A different procedure or appointment, or special circumstance. For example, when seeing a doctor or getting a poke instead of getting a sticker when they leave, they are given a glass bead for each thing. (blue for doctor, black for poke… some other beads are yellow=night in the hospital, pink=respiratory support, magenta=trip to emergent care, teal=tube insertion or removal, rainbow=therapy; physical, speech, occupational, respiratory) and every child’s string is different and unique to their story.

So!! This week’s challenge is to BEad INSPIRED by Beads of Courage! By our Colour Run, or by whatever gives you Courage.”

When designing my tile I decided to look at all the Tangle patterns  and I found one with the name beads.


It’s cold here in Massachusetts this week right now it’s June 6 at 12:30 PM and only 47° outside.  This just stinks for summertime. However this weekend it’s supposed to be in the 80s and I have Sunday off. So I’m looking forward to a real summer day. Hope you have a good week and happy tangling.

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Mom’s Birthday and I am the Diva challenge #318

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday. She is a party girl. The first party was at her church where over 100 of her friends and family attended. It was marvelous.

Here’s my mom and sisters. Mom’s in the pink and I’m on the left side of the photo. She certainly doesn’t look 90. Then there was a party on her actual birthday with her children and grandchildren at my sister’s house.

That’s her birthday pie with candles that say 90.  Then finally she had another party that her street put on for her. That would be everyone who lives on her street, not the whole neighborhood. There were somewhere between 30-50 people at that party.

Notice her crown. Someone from the street who couldn’t attend the party gave her the crown. My husband is sitting next to her. She said that was the best party because she could have her Manhattan drink. Did I mention she’s a party girl.

But now for today’s challenge. We were to make a Diptych. That means fold the tile and have two sides. I folded a corner of my tile back before I folded it in half so that it could stand up.

Enjoy the challenge http://iamthedivaczt.blogspot.com

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I am the Diva challenge #315

Good morning. Didn’t have a chance  to do the diva challenge yesterday. I certainly had plenty of time in the morning but I was busy working on my mom’s 90th birthday party. This morning I got up went to the gym when I came home I wanted to work on the diva challenge and realized when I got into my studio that I hadn’t finished my  mother-in-law’s Mother’s Day card. Oops!  I finished that card and my own mother’s Mother’s Day card here they are.


After I finish the cards I had a chance to work on the Diva challenge. And here that is.


I haven’t played around too much with Molygon. But it sure has a lot of potential.

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I Am The Diva Challenge #314

Today is the first Monday of the month. Happy May Day! For her challenge for the first Monday of the month The Diva wants us to use a tangle created by one of us. Someone who has submitted a tangle to her site. Today’s tangle is Scallamps by Sarah Uram and you can see the step outs here. So here’s my tile tile for Scallamps.

But I thought, “I created a Tangle yeeeaars ago. I should submit my Tangle.” So here are the step-outs for a tangle I call Purze. I based it on this purse I saw in a store window in NYC many years ago.


here are the step-outs.


I wish I knew how to let you, my viewers, see the photos bigger. I’m using WordPress to build my site. If anyone knows, I’m all ears.

Here is a tile that I did using Purze.

Wherever you are, enjoy this May Day!



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