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I Am The Diva Challenge #324

There was a guest poster on the I am the diva blog post this week and she suggested that we use a heart as our string. Well I  used a heart for my tangle last week but I love hearts so absolutely I’m gonna do this challenge too. I thought I’d tangle on some watercolor paper this week and I used pinks and an aqua color to color my tile.  Happiness in your heart and tangle on.

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I Am The Diva Challenge #323

This weeks challenge is to do a tangle representing your home. Your home could be your state, or city, the universe, or whatever you think your home would be. I decided that I would highlight a heart in my tile because home is where the heart is.  Around the heart I tangled Angel Fish. I wanted something that looked very organic.

I hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July, if you from the United States. And everyone else a lovely week. 

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Happy Birthday Alvin

My husband and I had Alvin over for a birthday dinner last night. I made chocolate cupcakes with a  ganache  filling and seven minute frosting.  Too bad I forgot to take photos. Nico joined us and it was really nice having the two of them visit.

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