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Two new cards and a floor update.

Day three on our floors. They finish the kitchen today as well as the laundry room.

They also ripped up the carpet in the upstairs hallway. They haven’t started the stairs at all yet.


I on the other hand stayed home today because of severe toothache.  I went to the doctor to find out I must have a root canal. They only do root canals on Thursdays, which is tomorrow, but they are full for tomorrow so I have to wait until next Thursday. Boo hoo!  So I’m eating soft food and taking Motrin.

Considering I couldn’t really be downstairs at all with the construction going on and I didn’t want to just lay in bed all day I decided to work on some greeting cards. Thought I would try to use some of my stash up so I found some coordinating papers and inks and created these two cards.


At least working on these cards distracted me from the pain in my tooth.

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Birthday card for my sister

My sisters birthday is on Sunday and as usual I don’t have the birthday card ready to put in the mail. So her birthday card will be late. That’s very typical of me and my family knows that. So I just finished a card for her on my already crowded desk in which I had been doing some water coloring and I tipped over the jar of water all over the card. Not happy. 

You can see where the water streaked across the page and if you look on the edge you can see where the paper has warped.  I’ll send the card anyway but I’ve created another one to send along with it.

For this card I used inexpensive watercolor paper and cut it into card size pieces. Then I went out in my garden and collected a bunch of flowers and put them between the watercolor paper, sandwiched them between two ceramic tiles, then tied them together and simmered them in boiling water for two hours. This particular piece left the flower imbedded in the paper and I really like the way it turned out. Not all the paper turned out quite as lovely. But it’s a project I will definitely attempt again. Here’s a link to one of the YouTube videos I watched to make this.

Hope you all have a fabulous Labor Day weekend.

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I am the Diva challenge #315

Good morning. Didn’t have a chance  to do the diva challenge yesterday. I certainly had plenty of time in the morning but I was busy working on my mom’s 90th birthday party. This morning I got up went to the gym when I came home I wanted to work on the diva challenge and realized when I got into my studio that I hadn’t finished my  mother-in-law’s Mother’s Day card. Oops!  I finished that card and my own mother’s Mother’s Day card here they are.


After I finish the cards I had a chance to work on the Diva challenge. And here that is.


I haven’t played around too much with Molygon. But it sure has a lot of potential.

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Happy Birthday Sweetie

Happy Friday. My DH’s birthday is this weekend so here is the card I’ve made for him.


On on another note it’s very warm here today. I wasn’t feeling well this morning at all so I thought I’d sit on my deck and relax in the sun. I could hear this rustling in a near by pine tree. So I got my binoculars and saw a large furry animal. At first I thought it was a squirrel building a nest, but with binoculars I could see this was no squirrel. Much larger. After much scrutiny and with the help of my neighbor we concluded it was a fisher, sometimes referred to as a fisher cat. Never saw one before. Hung around about an hour before it climbed down and wandered away.

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A little card making

I thought I’d work on a couple cards today  based on a video I saw on StampTV. Gina K was showing a technique where you emboss only part of a card front. Here’s the link to her video. I loved the idea so I thought I’d try it out myself. For the first card I used an embossing folder from Spellbinders called Enchanted (ES-005). It doesn’t fit into my Vagabond embossing machine very well so the impression is very light. I used the Butterfly Kisses stamp set from Memory Box and Hero Arts ink. The sentiment is from Inkadinkado.


This second card card I used a Sizzix Embossing folder called Botanicals. The same stamp set for the butterflies, but the wooden stamp that I used for the sentiment doesn’t have a label on it. I think I got it years ago at Michaels in a set with about a dozen or so other wood stamps. The card base I used for both cards are from Memory Box. They are the only company I can find that sells blank colored cards with white on the inside. I can buy a pack of 20 or so of the same color. I think Hero Arts also sells colored card bases with white on the inside, but the packs of cards are multi-colored. They might be the same color family but not the same color.

We have a winter storm warning out for Friday morning into Saturday evening. I wish I didn’t have to work this weekend. I’d rather be home doing art than going to work in ice and snow.

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