Author: Laurie Patterson

Back to Basics: Crescent Moon part 2


This is the second tile  Rick and Maria did on the mosaic app. When creating the little black lady bugs around the edges they made sure that there was an even number of those ladybugs. Then what Rick did he aura-ed every other ladybug until he couldn’t fit anymore auras in.   Then he aura-ed the other every other ladybug until no more auras fit in. Then he added another row of ladybugs and repeated the pattern. This is my take on that tile. After I shaded it I also added white chalk pencil as highlights. I think it came out pretty good.

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Back to basics: Crescent Moon

On the Zentangle app, Mosaic, Rick and Maria explore different ways of doing crescent moon. They did three different tiles using only crescent moon. Each one with a different focus. Here’s my first one that I tried.

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Happy Birthday Alvin

My husband and I had Alvin over for a birthday dinner last night. I made chocolate cupcakes with a  ganache  filling and seven minute frosting.  Too bad I forgot to take photos. Nico joined us and it was really nice having the two of them visit.

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