Author: Laurie Patterson

I Am The Diva Challenge #314

Today is the first Monday of the month. Happy May Day! For her challenge for the first Monday of the month The Diva wants us to use a tangle created by one of us. Someone who has submitted a tangle to her site. Today’s tangle is Scallamps by Sarah Uram and you can see the step outs here. So here’s my tile tile for Scallamps.

But I thought, “I created a Tangle yeeeaars ago. I should submit my Tangle.” So here are the step-outs for a tangle I call Purze. I based it on this purse I saw in a store window in NYC many years ago.


here are the step-outs.


I wish I knew how to let you, my viewers, see the photos bigger. I’m using WordPress to build my site. If anyone knows, I’m all ears.

Here is a tile that I did using Purze.

Wherever you are, enjoy this May Day!



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Happy Birthday Sweetie

Happy Friday. My DH’s birthday is this weekend so here is the card I’ve made for him.


On on another note it’s very warm here today. I wasn’t feeling well this morning at all so I thought I’d sit on my deck and relax in the sun. I could hear this rustling in a near by pine tree. So I got my binoculars and saw a large furry animal. At first I thought it was a squirrel building a nest, but with binoculars I could see this was no squirrel. Much larger. After much scrutiny and with the help of my neighbor we concluded it was a fisher, sometimes referred to as a fisher cat. Never saw one before. Hung around about an hour before it climbed down and wandered away.

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I Am the Diva Challenge #313

It’s been a rough week and a half for me. I’m having some difficulty with my right eye and the  vitreous fluid is pulling away from the back of my eye.  It’s causing a lot of floaters and my vision has become hazy. I went back to the retina specialist today convinced that I had a detached retina. He assures me that it’s not detached or separated at all. And that the vitreous fluid will eventually  rectify itself. Until then I’m looking through haze with a big black floater in my eye.  The good news is that I’m not going blind. The bad news is that there’s nothing to do to fix it, except to wait. But my eye pressure is good, I don’t have macular degeneration, just old eyes. It’s hard for me to except because I don’t feel old and in my head I’m not.

Earth Day was this week so “I am the Diva Challenge” was to honor the earth. I chose to use the new tangle Icanthis because it looks like leaves or a plant. I wanted  an organic or natural looking tangle and because this is a new tangle I needed the practice.

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I am am the Diva #312 part 2

I didn’t have any red wine in the house but I have a lot of different fountain pen ink. So I decided to try a stain with one of those. I chose a purple shimmer ink, Purple Pazzazz by Diamine. It has tiny gold glitter in it.


You can sort of see the glitter in these two photos. Or maybe not. It’s hard to photograph glitter. The

In progress.

I decided to use a brown ink for the background and keep it simple.

All done.

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I am the Diva challenge #312

Today’s challenge is to spill liquid, tea, coffee, whatever, on your tile and use that spill as the string. I  spilt coffee on part of the tile and I set the coffee cup on the spill to pick up some of the spilt coffee. Then I set the coffee cup down in two spots on the tile  which created two semi circles on the tile.  Because I forgot to make a border I decided to leave the center of the tile untangled so that the tile wouldn’t look too busy. The tan tiles are a little more delicate than the white tiles. I used a 6B pencil for some of the shading. It’s a very heavy dark graphite and  I had to be very careful as I used the blending stump because it started pulling up some of the fibers in the tile. I need to remember to use a lighter pencil when shading on the tan tiles. What do you think, how do I do?

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I Am The Diva weekly challenge #311

It’s beautiful today here in Massachusetts. The temperature is expected to get in the 80s which is unusually warm for this time of year. I had the opportunity to go for a quick one and a half mile walk with a friend this morning and then enjoy a cup of coffee and some banana bread with her  on my deck. After she left I made myself a cup of oatmeal and begin drawing. Today’s challenge from ” I am the diva” is to use a square and a circle as part of your string. I decided that I would nest two squares in the middle and then a circle in the very center.

I drew on a tan tile intending to switch up my ink from black to sepia and brown. However I got so involved in drawing that I didn’t realize I hadn’t switched colors until after I was finished.  Can you find my two nested squares along with the circle?

 I added some shading so I bet you can now.

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A little card making

I thought I’d work on a couple cards today  based on a video I saw on StampTV. Gina K was showing a technique where you emboss only part of a card front. Here’s the link to her video. I loved the idea so I thought I’d try it out myself. For the first card I used an embossing folder from Spellbinders called Enchanted (ES-005). It doesn’t fit into my Vagabond embossing machine very well so the impression is very light. I used the Butterfly Kisses stamp set from Memory Box and Hero Arts ink. The sentiment is from Inkadinkado.


This second card card I used a Sizzix Embossing folder called Botanicals. The same stamp set for the butterflies, but the wooden stamp that I used for the sentiment doesn’t have a label on it. I think I got it years ago at Michaels in a set with about a dozen or so other wood stamps. The card base I used for both cards are from Memory Box. They are the only company I can find that sells blank colored cards with white on the inside. I can buy a pack of 20 or so of the same color. I think Hero Arts also sells colored card bases with white on the inside, but the packs of cards are multi-colored. They might be the same color family but not the same color.

We have a winter storm warning out for Friday morning into Saturday evening. I wish I didn’t have to work this weekend. I’d rather be home doing art than going to work in ice and snow.

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Designing and redesigning my website

I’ve had my website for years. I haven’t updated it in probably five or six years. Recently I’ve switched my hosting service to something much more affordable for me. And in doing so I’ve decided to completely redesign my website.  I’m using WordPress as the design tool. (I used to use a program called iWeb on my Mac which isn’t available anymore.) And I’m finding that it isn’t nearly as easy as I thought it was going to be. I keep looking at different themes that are available through WordPress and for those of you that have visited my site recently it my look like a completely different site with different colors and layout. The content will be the same but, I can’t seem to decide on what I want my website to look like. If you’ve noticed changes and like them please let me know. If you’ve noticed changes and you don’t like them please let me know that too.  Please bear with me as I make these changes, thanks.

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I am the Diva challenge #309

This week’s Diva challenge is to use one of the new tangles that was introduced last fall at ZenAgain, Noom.  I had the privilege of attending ZenAgain and they introduced 4 new tangles. For  for this Tangle the attendees got the opportunity to submit ideas to name the tangle. Then Maria, Rick and Family  got to select one of the ideas as the name. It so happened that this tangle was introduced on the evening of the Super Moon. So the name that was chosen was moon spelled backwards, NOOM.  What was so funny was that the winning name happen to have been suggested by Maria’s son. When Maria, Rick and family chose the winner they had no idea who was submitting the names. So they did not realize they had chose Maria’s son’s idea as the winning name. Click here for step-outs for Noom.

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