I am the diva challenge. Plus bamboo floors.

This week’s Diva Challenge is to use squares as the string. I also decided to use square tangles. I enjoyed creating this one.

We are also 8 getting bamboo floors in our family room and kitchen, as well as up the stairs and the hallway upstairs. So far looking good.

Laurie Patterson

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5 thoughts on “I am the diva challenge. Plus bamboo floors.
  1. Deanne B

    Terrific triple squares! Bamboo floors would be great! They look amazing!! How will they handle spills in the kitchen? I’m interested.

    1. Laurie Patterson

      The reason I chose bamboo flooring instead of hardwood was because number one it was a sustainable resource number two they give off very low VOCs, in other words it doesn’t smell. And number three it is harder than hardwood floors. We got a sample of the bamboo and I spilled everything imaginable on it and let it set and it didn’t hurt it at all.


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