I Am The Diva Challenge #323

This weeks challenge is to do a tangle representing your home. Your home could be your state, or city, the universe, or whatever you think your home would be. I decided that I would highlight a heart in my tile because home is where the heart is.  Around the heart I tangled Angel Fish. I wanted something that looked very organic.

I hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July, if you from the United States. And everyone else a lovely week. 

Laurie Patterson

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10 thoughts on “I Am The Diva Challenge #323
  1. Suzanne Fluhr

    It seems that many tanglers responded to this week’s Diva challenge with hearts because, as you said, “home is where the heart is”. (I went with fireworks and some wonky discourse on American history, but the truth is that home is indeed where the heart is—not where the fireworks are—except for last night here in the US of A). Your shading makes your heart float in space and you used just the right amount of color, IMHO. Nice.


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