I am th Diva Challenge #319

The Diva was late in her challenge this week and because she’s always so prompt I began to get worried there was a problem. I’m happy to report that she is just busy and tired.  So  relieved there is an anything wrong.  One thing that’s kept her busy is Beads of Courage and here’s a quote from her website telling what that’s all about.

Beads of Courage is an arts in medicine program that helps kids with chronic or life threatening illness tell the story of their medical journey. Each bead represents something different. A different procedure or appointment, or special circumstance. For example, when seeing a doctor or getting a poke instead of getting a sticker when they leave, they are given a glass bead for each thing. (blue for doctor, black for poke… some other beads are yellow=night in the hospital, pink=respiratory support, magenta=trip to emergent care, teal=tube insertion or removal, rainbow=therapy; physical, speech, occupational, respiratory) and every child’s string is different and unique to their story.

So!! This week’s challenge is to BEad INSPIRED by Beads of Courage! By our Colour Run, or by whatever gives you Courage.”

When designing my tile I decided to look at all the Tangle patterns  and I found one with the name beads.


It’s cold here in Massachusetts this week right now it’s June 6 at 12:30 PM and only 47° outside.  This just stinks for summertime. However this weekend it’s supposed to be in the 80s and I have Sunday off. So I’m looking forward to a real summer day. Hope you have a good week and happy tangling.

Laurie Patterson

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