Mom’s Birthday and I am the Diva challenge #318

I’ve been away for a couple of weeks celebrating my mom’s 90th birthday. She is a party girl. The first party was at her church where over 100 of her friends and family attended. It was marvelous.

Here’s my mom and sisters. Mom’s in the pink and I’m on the left side of the photo. She certainly doesn’t look 90. Then there was a party on her actual birthday with her children and grandchildren at my sister’s house.

That’s her birthday pie with candles that say 90.  Then finally she had another party that her street put on for her. That would be everyone who lives on her street, not the whole neighborhood. There were somewhere between 30-50 people at that party.

Notice her crown. Someone from the street who couldn’t attend the party gave her the crown. My husband is sitting next to her. She said that was the best party because she could have her Manhattan drink. Did I mention she’s a party girl.

But now for today’s challenge. We were to make a Diptych. That means fold the tile and have two sides. I folded a corner of my tile back before I folded it in half so that it could stand up.

Enjoy the challenge

Laurie Patterson

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21 thoughts on “Mom’s Birthday and I am the Diva challenge #318
  1. Melissa

    Happy Birthday to your Mom! So wonderful to be able to celebrate 90 years.

    I love your tile. It is beautiful … love the bit of red hearts and the 3-D feel.

  2. Jean Chaney

    How lovely your mom looks. One would never believe that she is 90 with that wonderful sparkle in her eyes! Very nice tile with that touch of red down the center!

  3. Deanne B

    Your mom looks incredibly young and active! “Happy Birthday!” to her!

    I love your tile. Terrific use of tangles. Great depth with the shading. And the little red hearts are the perfect “hinge” accents! 🙂

  4. Susie Ng

    If I make it to 80, that is how I want to look….forget 90. Your mum looks like she’s just signed up for the next 90.
    Love you tile. So simple but so effective.

  5. Annemarie

    The tile is gorgeous!!!! Must be so fantastic to have your mother still around you!!! Congratulations.

  6. Megan Hitchens

    Happy birthday to your Mum! Isn’t it cool to know you have youthful genes? Great tile, too.

  7. Pat Floerke

    Congratulations to your mom, and I’m glad you could celebrate with her. I love your diptych. The striping up the middle, especially with the red hearts, is so dramatic.


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