I am the Diva challenge #315

Good morning. Didn’t have a chance  to do the diva challenge yesterday. I certainly had plenty of time in the morning but I was busy working on my mom’s 90th birthday party. This morning I got up went to the gym when I came home I wanted to work on the diva challenge and realized when I got into my studio that I hadn’t finished my  mother-in-law’s Mother’s Day card. Oops!  I finished that card and my own mother’s Mother’s Day card here they are.


After I finish the cards I had a chance to work on the Diva challenge. And here that is.


I haven’t played around too much with Molygon. But it sure has a lot of potential.

Laurie Patterson

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14 thoughts on “I am the Diva challenge #315
  1. Deanne B

    I agree… the simplicity of your tile makes it so elegant looking! Love your cards as well! 🙂

  2. Annemarie

    Wow, great cards!!! And your tile is beautiful. I hope your mother’s birthday will be fantastic for her.


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