I Am The Diva Challenge #314

Today is the first Monday of the month. Happy May Day! For her challenge for the first Monday of the month The Diva wants us to use a tangle created by one of us. Someone who has submitted a tangle to her site. Today’s tangle is Scallamps by Sarah Uram and you can see the step outs here. So here’s my tile tile for Scallamps.

But I thought, “I created a Tangle yeeeaars ago. I should submit my Tangle.” So here are the step-outs for a tangle I call Purze. I based it on this purse I saw in a store window in NYC many years ago.


here are the step-outs.


I wish I knew how to let you, my viewers, see the photos bigger. I’m using WordPress to build my site. If anyone knows, I’m all ears.

Here is a tile that I did using Purze.

Wherever you are, enjoy this May Day!



Laurie Patterson

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30 thoughts on “I Am The Diva Challenge #314
  1. Susie Ng

    Love your Scallamps tile and your own tangle Purze is worth a try. Thanks for sharing.
    As for your WP question. I used to be a webmaster and worked with WP (paid hosting – not free account) and have 2 solutions for you.
    First up though, you need to upload your images in a large dimensions. E.g.: at least 800px high (or higher). Width in proportion. WP will automatically reduce the image size when you insert it into your webpage.
    Now assume you have inserted a large image into your page and WP truncated it. Click on the image so it is active (a small square will appear on each corner of image) and then click on the INSERT LINK button (just above the field where you write y/text). Dialog box appears. Hook the “Open link in a new window/tab”. That is it. This is for those who have a free WP account.
    Solution 2 is only available for those who pay for hosting/domain name. Go to Plugins, add new, and search for a lightbox plugin.
    I hope this helps, but if you questions please send me an email. I love to help if I can.

  2. Maggibee

    First, thanks to Susie for the info about pics on WordPress, I too sometimes have problems so I’ll try that.

    And then the Diva Challenge tile, which is just lovely. I like your pattern Purze too and look forward to trying it out.

  3. Joyce Francis

    FYI: About your comment of wanting your images larger……your photos and step out images ARE large….on my computer screen anyway. I think you’ve already got it right.

    Thanks for the fun tangle. I love the purse texture and your translation into the Zentangle world.


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