I am the Diva challenge #312

Today’s challenge is to spill liquid, tea, coffee, whatever, on your tile and use that spill as the string. I  spilt coffee on part of the tile and I set the coffee cup on the spill to pick up some of the spilt coffee. Then I set the coffee cup down in two spots on the tile  which created two semi circles on the tile.  Because I forgot to make a border I decided to leave the center of the tile untangled so that the tile wouldn’t look too busy. The tan tiles are a little more delicate than the white tiles. I used a 6B pencil for some of the shading. It’s a very heavy dark graphite and  I had to be very careful as I used the blending stump because it started pulling up some of the fibers in the tile. I need to remember to use a lighter pencil when shading on the tan tiles. What do you think, how do I do?

Laurie Patterson

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32 thoughts on “I am the Diva challenge #312
  1. Deanne B

    This is exquisite! I love the way you used colour on the tan tile! I still havent gotten the hang of that. I think your shading is terrific. It doesn’t show up dark at all. 🙂

  2. Vonnie/vanattakai

    Oh dear! As a non-coffee/tea drinker (*gasp* it IS possible to survive without it *double gasp*) this may be a challenge! I did have one bag of tea, but it didn’t leave a stain dark enough to notice it. I also only have bristol and sketch paper…not ideal to soak up anything. Will admire your work this week as I practice my Quandary and other tangles.

    Vonnie (aka vanattakai)

      1. Vonnie/vanattakai

        I’m a water kinda gal…HOWEVER…I have co-workers that carry their coffee chalices and I was able to get some precious drops from them. Will post soon!

  3. Gudrun S.

    Love your tile with its nice coloring – have you ever tried to color with red wine and a little bit watercolor red and light ocre in it?

  4. Duane

    I can’t see any stains, probably just my eyes and I’m color blind, but I really like the tangling you did on the tile. Very smooth. I can just see you when you were drawing…..very slow and painstaking strokes with your pen. Very nice. How’s Massachusetts today? Got your cold weather back yet? I saw your entry about 80 degrees and I am very jealous as we are in the high 40’s here in Oregon, and of course, we also have rain….duh! its Oregon.

    1. Laurie Patterson

      It’s hard to see the stains because they were light. Where I drew the Huggins is where I actually spilt the coffee. And where the two semicircles are is where I set the coffee cup down on the tiles.

      Right now it’s 3:00pm and 56° so much cooler than the weekend. But it is April not July. So much more normal.

  5. Michele Wynne

    This is really lovely! Tan tiles scare me;-) I have a small jar of instant coffee that I use specifically for these types of challenges. That way I can make the coffee as dark or light as I want;-)

  6. cheryl

    I’ve not tried the tan, but I can see that it’s easier on the eyes. Nice palette of colours and combinations of tangles. Lovely, really. c

  7. Susie Ng

    Somebody sabotaged your tile and washed the stain away. Probably your cleaner? But hey, she did an absolutely marvelous job as your pattern drawing looks still amazing…well, the whole tile is fantastic.


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